Friday, December 05, 2008

December 2008 Virtual Book Tour Stops

I am touring with Pump Up Your Book Promotion between
December 1 ~ December 23

I hope you'll stop by each of the stops listed below. I'll be updating the links everyday and adding the archived links to the blogs here.

Leave a note, question, or comment on the tour stops and you could win a FREE virtual book tour from Pump Up Your Book Promotion if you're a published author with a recent release or a $50 Amazon gift certificate if you are not published!

And while I have your attention! If you have a copy of either of my books, "Silenced Cry," the "The Devil Can Wait" or both, send me a picture of yourself with the book(s) in hand for the upcoming FAN PAGE on my website,

The pics can be serious, goofy, or anything in between.

As you can see, I'm thinking life is too short to not have fun. So Sam Harper Fans, send those wacky pictures to me in jpg format to Sam and I would love to meet you!

So where am I today and where have I been? Here:

January 2009 - Was the virtual book tour worth it?

Dec 23 Jungle Red Writers

Dec. 22 Boomer Chick Blog "A Midlife Dream"

Dec. 19 Crystal Reviews--Review of "The Devil Can Wait"

Dec. 19 Blog Talk Radio Author Read --Excerpt from "Silenced Cry"

Dec. 18 As The Page Turns "A Christmas Presence"

Dec 17 Zensanity (interview)

Dec. 15 The Book Czar (review)

Dec. 13 A Year of Gratitude--Health, Wealth & Happiness for Free (guest blot) "When Your Cup’s Half Full, You Don’t Thirst"

Dec. 12 Joanna Slan Blog (guest post) "Between the Lines."

Dec. 12 The Tome Traveller (review)

Dec. 11- Café of Dreams (review)

Dec. 10 The Book Connecton (review)

Dec. 9 – American Chronicle (interview)

Dec. 8 - Blogcritics (author interview)

Dec. 5 – The Plot (character interview)

Dec. 5 – Joanna Slan Blog. (guest post)

Dec. 4 – The Plot (book spotlight)

Dec. 3 -- MURDER BY 4 blog

Dec. 3 – The Writer’s Life (guest post)

Introducing Writers on Blog Talk Radio (radio interview)

Dec. 3 – Book Marketing Buzz

Dec. 2 – The Dark Phantom (guest post)

Rose and Thorn Reviews (book review)

Dec. 1 – Fiction Scribe (interview)

Dec. 1 – Joylene Nowell Butler (interview)

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