Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010: Day 16 - An Otherwise Ordinary Day

It's 11 PM and outside it's so foggy I can't see much past a few yards. At least we missed the ice storm we were supposed to have gotten yesterday. Not much writing done today, but that's okay. There were plenty of other things that needed my attention today.

One of which was my office. I hadn't seen the top of my desk for days and  knowing I'd never look through the stacks of papers on my desk as well as on the floor, I decided it was time get rid of them. It was time to put the half dozen books back on the shelves, and toss out those notes that didn't make any sense to me anymore. I don't know why I let things get piled up. I guess I just get in a hurry. I always think more clearly when my space--my house is clean and uncluttered--I mean, there's nothing worse than trying to work on a scene when that nagging little voice in my head keeps reminding me I have clothes that needs to be put in th washer or the furniture needs a good dusting. Well, it's done and tomorrow I'll be an  excellent day to write. :)