Saturday, January 21, 2012

A New Day

We were under a winter storm watch yesterday afternoon. It started to sleet around 4 PM just about the time our son Tracy and I returned from the market. Woke up this morning to what looks like about 2-3 inches of snow. It's freezing, but the temperature is supposed to get up into the 40s tomorrow. That's how it is here in Indiana. If you don't like the weather, just stick around a minute or two.

A few days ago, I mentioned neighbors and friends and how great they've been to my family, especially over the pasts several months. As I was working on the post, I heard a snow blower outside my window. Our next door neighbor, Neil, had our front sidewalk and the walk leading up to our front door cleared off. So sweet of him. He's not in the best of health either, but that's the type of person he is. 

Jessica has been caring for our 50-pound puppy (will be 2 in July), Izzy, since last summer. She's my husband's dog and was/is more than we could handle after he went into the hospital. Izzy is well ... massive and doesn't understand she's not a lap dog--granted she gets away with it. Anyway, Jess took her to the vet this morning for her annual check up and shots. Doing well--still holding her girlish figure.

Moo is mine. :)

I started to work on my novel again this week. It's the first time since May that I've had the clarity of mind to do so and I'm feeling quite good about it. So wonderful to finally feel as if the worse is behind us.