Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another Morning At the Doc's

This time it was hubby's turn. They performed an esophageal dilation in the hopes it would help him swallow.  After the stroke, his esophagus closed up and has been receiving his nutrients via a feeding tube in his stomach.  Rick, daughter Jessica, and I were at the facility four hours for a 15 minute procedure.  Basically, they inserted a scope down his esophagus to his stomach, checked to see that everything looked okay and then began to dilate the esophagus tissue. Time will tell if the positive effects will be permanent, but for now it seems to have worked and he’s thrilled.

 He was supposed to have had this done on December 28. We spent all of December waiting for the GI's office to call with the orders to get him off his blood thinner (a must to be off the medication for 7 days prior to having the procedure done.). Three doctors were involved, his GI, his cardiologist, and our family doctor. We must have made more the a dozen calls to get some answers. The response was always the same, "Someone will call you back." But they never did.  Finally, on December 27, it took a surprise visit to the GI’s office and two nurses who spent 2-1/2 hours to figure out which office had dropped the ball.

This was frustrating to say the least, especially because hubby had high hopes of being able to eat something on New Year’s Eve. The important thing now is that it's done and he's physically feeling better, and the boost to his spirits goes without saying.

My sister is coming tonight. Can't wait. One day and counting.