Saturday, August 05, 2006

A few recent comments from those who have critiqued the final copy (or portions of) "Silenced Cry."

"Wow, I want more! I just finished it and I think you have nailed the officers' dispositions, actions, language and mindset. I didn't see anything that "I thought" needed changing . . . you nailed it. I believe you will be hearing good news from the publishers. I really did enjoy it and can't wait to see it in print so I can finish it." R.G. Detective

"I’m impressed and enjoying the story! Your layering out of the chapters works well. Quinn’s a great character – you made him very visual. Great job. You’ve got a good story going with characters I’m interested in. The dialog is believable and keeps me moving thru the story. You’re cookin! If the rest of the story is consistent with what I’ve read so far I think you’ve got a great shot at publication."
I'm behind on my blogging but will try to catch things up here. It's been a great week!

I woke up Monday morning 7/31/06) to an e-mail from a publisher who has had my synopsis for a collection of novellas for a year and asked for the manuscript. LOL I thought my synopsis had been filed in the trash by now. Heavens, I’ve expanded the first novella into a novel and have been doing the final edits of the last few chapters for weeks. In fact, thoughts of working on the dreaded query and new synopsis loomed in the back of my mind when the e-mail arrived. At any rate, yes, they want to see the new manuscript for the novel instead. So . . . only a promise to read but I'll take it for now!