Monday, April 19, 2010

2010: Day 107 Chime The Bells & Blow The Whistles!! .

My manuscript is DONE!!!

Did I yell that loud enough?

Yes!! Ten months, one day, 49 chapters, 70,377 words, and lots of hair-pulling sessions later, I can actually say I'm finished. I wrote the last six chapters over the weekend and yes, they'll have to take their turn to sit before I edit and polish them, but technically ... it's done and ready for a fresh pair of eyes.

It's been so frustrating to know how I wanted this novel to end and yet not find the words to show it. To add to that frustration, I was beginning to think I living the movie "Groundhog Day." Every time I reached chapter 30 or so, another major change popped into my head that forced me to adjust every chapter from 15 on.

And so, before I forget (yeah, like I would), special thanks to my all my pals and family who patiently let me cry on their wonderfully broad shoulders during this process! Let's see, there's Rick, Jessica, Tracy, Mari, Kim, Lain, and Lisa. ;)

And for those out there who don't write mysteries and wonder what goes through the mind of one who does, check this out.

Not intended for readers with weak stomachs. ;)