Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Where would we be without them? 

I've lived in Muncie since I was 13 and have worked at the local university for 31 years. In that time, you might say I've met a few people. Some have been passing acquaintances while others have become dear friends.

From the first day I took Rick to the hospital on June 3, to the day I announced I had cancer in November, my work colleagues have been absolutely amazing. Everyday someone would bring in a piece of pie or soup, some brought in casseroles for me to take home so I wouldn't have to cook. Some days I'd go into my office to find a card on my desk.

One friend bought me Danielle and Oliver Follmi's, "Latin American Wisdom for Every Day Revelations" ... just because... (she knows of my Spanish heritage and knew I'd love it)  while another gave me a 2012 daily planner that includes a daily biblical verse. It's already jam packed with appointments through March. :)  Nearly every day, one of my work pals has stopped by to ask about Rick and/or Jessica and Tracy. Often our talks end with a hug.  I returned to work in December after my first surgery to find a beautiful Poinsettia and card from my co-workers. Imagine the ripples my latest news caused.

Sometimes friends are waiting for us in the least expected places. One of my regular stops on campus is the post office located in our student center. I usually go there at least every other week and over time, I've gotten to know the ladies who work there on a casual basis. Our conversations usually revolve around the weather, etc. A few weeks ago, I needed to drop off some mail which included several payments to doctors, etc. I told the attendant about Rick's stroke, she shared a similar experience with a loved one. We chatted a bit more while I waited for my change, and then  went back to my office. Two or three days later, I opened my mail at home to find a note from her assuring me 2012 would be better and a gift certificate for a free coffee. I hardly know her, but the fact that she took to the time to show her concern is more heart-warming than I can possible say.

These are a few of the cards I've recently received from family and friends. Some are hilarious! Love them!

When I began to write fiction in 2002-03 I joined numerous online writers groups. Over the years, several of these writers and I became friends. Most I've never met, some I've talked to on the phone, but for the most part, our friendships have developed and grown through the wonder of e-mails.We've shared in each others joys and triumphs as well the losses over the years. We've exchanged photos of our children, pets, and gardens. We've helped each other edit our books and shared a few jokes.  The point is, every morning I wake up to countless encouraging e-mails from people I've never met, know like the palm of my hand, and who simple want me to know I'm in their prayers. One of my writer friends, has sent me a card on a weekly basis. Wow!

No list of friends would be complete without a mention of our fantastic neighbors. Not a day goes by when one of them doesn't call or e-mail or offers to run an errand, or take one of us to the doctor, etc. Love you guys!!

So I have to laugh whenever I pre-register at the hospital for a procedure and they asked, "Do you live in a safe environment? Do you have a support system?" God love them, if they only knew.

Thank you all for your kindness!