Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Year of Firsts

What a difference a year makes. As I look back on how my life has changed since last August, it seems incredible so much has happened.

SILENCED CRY, my first novel was published. I had never design a web site before--I'm a little more knowledgeable about codes now. It was the first attempt at creating a book trailer--too addictive! I discovered all the free features for authors in Amazon. I had never been interviewed before now there are several listed on my website and a few more coming. To those interested in hearing my voice, you'll be able to connect from my website at the "Stephens Interrogated" page to my first live interview on Internet Voices Radio.

I'm now in the second week of my first Virtual Book Tour to promote SILENCED CRY. Check out the links to the tour sites on the Events page of my website, www.martastephens-author.com. All the tour articles are being posted onto this blog after they have been published on the host sites. If you scroll down, you'll also find an interview with SILENCED CRY's Homicide Detective Sam Harper. He's waiting to answer your questions so post away!

It's been a year of ups and down but never hopeless. I've said good-bye family and friends, then made new acquaintances. Our daughter (21) became engaged--how joyous. She moved back home; we gained two new dogs--no comment. Our son graduated from high school. Two in college, now that's a first! Daughter is moving back out this week; mother-in-law moving in. In a few more months I'll be a year older. Okay, maybe that's not so new, but it is yet another change that will add to my treasure trove of life experiences.

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