Monday, January 18, 2010

2010: Day 17 - Oops!

I was making such great strides with the edits yesterday that I totally forgot to post. It's just as well because as I was watching one of those criminal investigation shows late last night when I stumbled across an answer I was looking for in one of the scenes in SHROUD OF LIES. Not the exact answer but it made me realize what I was missing.

Earlier in the day, I had been reworking the scene between the homicide detective Joe Palermo and Rhonie Lude. They're discussing the evidence in a recent murder when Lude studies the photographs taken at the scene and those of the autopsy:
The photographs didn’t reveal anything new, nothing we didn’t already know. One bullet entered the body at a 24 degree angle from beneath the right jaw toward the back of his head. I grabbed the photos taken at the scene and thumbed through several of them. Every detail was just as I remembered it. I was certain Palermo looked at these shots several times so I couldn’t get past his frown. “What is it?”
So, the question for me was, what is in or missing from those photographs that has detective Palermo in a quandry? One possible answer came to me last night a one in the morning. I just never know what will spark the next thought.