Friday, January 29, 2010

2010: Day 29 Opening lines

That opening line has to immediately hook the reader. After spending several days reworking mine, I can assure you it's not as easy as these great ladies make it seem. Here's is a brief sampling.

"The Antietam Creek Project came to a rude halt when the blade of Billy Younger's backhoe unearthed the first skull."  - Nora Roberts, "Birthright."


"She was apparently found in the linen cupboard, poor creature," Narraway replied, his lean face dour, his eys so dark they seemed black in the intgerior shadow of the hansom cab. - Anne Perry, "Buckingham Palace Gardens."


"I feel compelled to report that at the moment of death, my entire life did not pass before my eyes in a flash." - Sue Grafton, "I" is for Innocent

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