Thursday, January 07, 2010

2010: Day 7 - The Creative Mind

This makes day two that I haven't written a word in my novel, but it feels okay. At times when I'm trying to work out a new scene or need to change one as in the case of my chapter 36, I have to walk away and relax my mind. Instead, I checked out a few of the blogs last night that I frequent and found this one listed in one of the Writer's Digest web pages. The owner of this site is an international plot consultant who blogs on the plot development and who better to follow than someone who can give me some pointers on improving my plot? Actually, I didn't see where she had a link to follow her, but I saved the link to my side bar.

And if you're still in the mood for checking out blogs, visit:
I'm proud to say that this talented artist is my sister. She just started this blog and plans to post photographs of her paintings. Ironically she wrote:

Everyone who paints, at one time or another may reach a point where an image that was once crystal clear in his or her mind is now suddenly gone. Don't know where they go.. they just disappear, like lightning bugs at the end of August in Indiana. Normally when this happens to me, I set my canvas aside for a day or so, the image resurfaces in my mind and I go on to complete the painting.
Walking away to rejuvenate the creativity must be the universal thing to do. Here's another quote that is identical to what I wrote this week about writing:

When in school, we were always warned not to "fall in love with our own paintings."
Believe it or not, we didn’t compare notes before posting our separate blogs. LOL Anyway, I hope you'll take a minute or two to check it out and see what other paintings she;ll blogs about.

On the Hoosier home front, when I looked out the window a 5:45 this morning, we'd received only a light dusting of snow, but the storm they'd predicted to arrive around four, hadn't made it yet. An hour later, it's coming down fast and heavy. Will we get the 4-8 inches of snow as predicted? Hmmm I don't know. At least it's not a cold right now. Wherever you are, stay safe and warm!