Friday, February 05, 2010

2010: Day 36 The First Winter Snow Storm of the Year

Yup, it's here. All that blue is snow and plenty of it. Thanks to the local TV stations, we knew the storm system was coming so we, like everyone else in the state, went to the market and stocked up on a few things to get us through the weekend (and Superbowl Sunday--go Colts!)

The snow was suppose to have been here by four this morning, but didn't arriver until after ten. The first photograph was taken from my 3rd floor office window at work around 11 AM today. Fridays are usually quiet on campus, but today, it seemed more so than usual--go figure!

By the time I got home, there were at least 4 inches of the white stuff on the grounds. This second photograph is one of our side yard taken at around 4:30 PM. A pair of cardinals were perched on those branches and I have to admit, it was a pretty awesome sight--looked like a greeting card.

I took this shot from my office window at home around 6 PM. That's the light across the street. By now the winds have picked up and the snow is starting to drift. They say to expect five to seven inches by morning and another big storm the first of next week.

 To be  honest, I don't mind the weather as long as I don't have to fight it, drive in it, or have to deal with the ice. SO greatful it's Friday.

I'm looking forward to a good weekend of writing, a Colts victory, and the pizzas I ordered two hours ago.

There's a good tip waiting for the dilivery guy if he can get the order right this time. ;)


Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Wow, beautiful snow pix! I'm actually jealous. You know how much I love to cross country ski in the fields by my house. Well, we've done it ONCE this season, and that was really stretching it because we had only 3" of snow. I know winter's not over yet, but come on, upstate NY! (Sonya lives only two hours from me, but she's on the eastward side of Lake Ontario, where it dumps two feet for fun on many days. I'm sure she's had ten feet this year already! Keep writing, can't wait to read the edits and rewrites on Rhonie's book. ;o)

abitosunshine said...

Beautiful photos! Like you, as long as I'm inside, I love gazing out the window at the glistenings!

EnJOY your weekend & hope your pizza place gets it right!

Marta Stephens said...

LOL We order three pizzas at 5:30 PM, around 7:00 we received two that weren't what we ordered but the delivery kid sped off in spite of my hubby trying to get his attention from our front porch. Two phone calls and hours later, we got our order.

We ate a few pieces, put several more in the refrigerator, and two whole one in the freezer.

We forgave them. After all, the weather was crummy. LOL

abitosunshine said...

Kind of you to be so forgiving!

FYI, on your footer, by your book banner, you left the "l" out of Silenced...

Terry W. Ervin II said...

I still have half the alleyway to the street yet to shovel before tomorrow to get to work. Church was cancelled (be we could've walked the three blocks if it hadn't been).

Man, being a pizza delivery guy wouldn't have been an option out our way. Over a foot of snow. Fortunately not much frozen slush underneath.

Weather in the Midwest. :)

Marta Stephens said...

Hey, Terry! I was thinking about you and your family and wondered how much snow you'd gotten. We ended up with 9 inches (the state's highest) :(

Beware though. There's another winter storm looming. It's suppose to arrive here tomorrow night/early Tuesday morning. Gads!

Let's send it to Upstate New York to Aaron's back yard. :)