Saturday, October 13, 2007

Nominations for Spinetingler Awards

I received word this week that my novel, SILENCED CRY, (April 2007) published by BeWrite Books is eligible for nomination into the “Best Novel: New Voice” category and the “Best Cover Art” for Sandra Ruttan's "Spinetingler Award."

Your nomination of SILENCED CRY in these two categories would be much appreciated. Please e-mail your nominations to for this and other works published between October 1, 2006 and September 30, 2007.

IMPORTANT: See Rules below before you send in your votes.

Categories are:

Special Services to the Industry:
Each person may make up to five nominations in this category, for tireless contributions to ezines, writing reviews, running discussion lists or forums. Tell us who you nominate and give us a short summary of why or where they routinely contribute, so that we can acknowledge them.

Best Novel: New Voice
Authors with 1-3 published works in total.** Each person can nominate up to five authors in this categoryPlease include the author’s name and title of book.

Best Novel: Rising Star
Authors with 4-8 published works in total.** Each person can nominate up to five authors in this categoryPlease include the author’s name and title of book.

Best Novel: Legend
Authors with 9 or more books published*** Each person can nominate up to five authors in this categoryPlease include the author’s name and title of book.

Best Cover Art
Tell us what covers do it for you.
** Each person can nominate up to five titles in this category. Please include the author’s name and title of book, and publisher or countryof origin. Yes, the books usually have different covers in the US and UK …
SILENCED CRY has the same cover in both the domestic and foreign markets.

Best Publisher
It’s time to take note of the publishers who are doing things right. After all, authors wouldn’t be here without the publishers. If you’re a reader whose had wonderful experiences, an author with nothing but good things to say, tell us who you nominate and why. Maybe they have a wonderful website that’s easy to navigate. Maybe they always send your favorites on tour to your area. Maybe they just publish a lot of books you love. It doesn’t matter why, we just want to hear about the good ones.
** Each person can nominate a maximum of three publishers in this category

Best Editor
You don’t need to know the editor’s name. All we need to know is the author, book title and publisher’s name. We’ll find out who the editor is. With so many complaints about poor editing and typos in books we thought it was time to take note of the hard-working editors who are getting things right.
** Each person can nominate a maximum of three editors in this category

Best Short Story on the Web
** Each person can nominate five stories in this category. Please include the writer’s name, title of the story and source. Stories must be published in a recognized ezine, such as Shots, Mouth Full ofBullets, Pulp Pusher, Demolition, etc. Stories published by the authors on their own blogs or websites will not be considered – they must pass through an editorial selection process.

The Rules
1. Only one e-mail per person will be considered. Think your nominationsthrough carefully before sending them. We reserve the right to investigatethe source of any e-mails received. If we have any reason to believe e-mailsare suspect, that an individual has assumed false identities and multiplee-mail addresses, we reserve the right to eliminate those e-mails fromconsideration.

2. Nominations should be made for books published in their original formatonly. Those who start in hardcover get nominated in hardcover. Authors don’tget a second kick at the can when they come out in mmpb. Sorry.

3. *Concerning the “Legends” category, authors with less than 9 publishedtitles may be moved to this category, at our discretion. For example, Ibelieve Dan Brown has only four or five published titles. However, his salesrecord justifies moving him to the “Legends” category. Authors with majorpublishing deals may be moved. We separated the categories in three sectionsin an attempt to make sure newer authors stood a chance of receiving theattention they deserve.

4. We may not be able to consider nominated works if they are not availablein Canada . In order to be able to consider the nominated works in the secondphase of judging, we need to be able to read them. Books that are out ofprint or that we can’t order or that are not received in time may be removedfrom consideration.

5. Sandra Ruttan’s debut novel will not be considered for the New Voiceaward. You can nominate it… but it won’t be considered for the list.A note about location of publication.If you’re in the UK , nominate based on what was released in the UK . If you’re in the US , nominate based on what was released in the US . This is not a perfect system, but in Canada , we tend to get UK authors based on their UKrelease schedule, and US authors based on their US release schedule. We arean international ezine. Just go local to you, and we’ll sort it out from there as best we can. A note for publishers. Worried your titles might be overlooked? Feel free to contact me with a listof eligible titles in each category. Please do so by October 15, 2007. Nominations will close on November 15, 2007, and the short list of nominees will be posted early December. At that time, people will be invited to voteagain, selecting their favorite in each category. Public vote will be weighed against the rankings of the editors to determine the winners in eachcategory.This is the first time this site is doing these awards, and they expect there to be somekinks to sort out. They’ll continue to update you throughout the process. Please feel free to spread the word about these awards on lists, forums andplaces where it would be considered appropriate.

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