Monday, October 01, 2007

Silence Cry Won Cover of The Month

I received word this morning that my debut crime mystery, Silenced Cry won August Cover of The Month. I haven’t yet heard who won a free copy of it, but will announce it here as soon as I do.

You may view the page at


Homicide detective Sam Harper is the new officer on the beat; Silenced Cry is his calling card. Torn between guilt and suspicion, Harper tries to make sense of the events that led to his partner’s murder during a routine surveillance of a drug supplier. It quickly becomes evident that his late partner, Frank Gillies, intentionally muddied the facts. Key points don’t add up and make Harper believe Gillies is involved in illegal activities. When questions surrounding his partner’s death go unanswered, Harper suspects a cover up.

Determined to find Gillies’ killer, Harper plunges back into his work. He and his a new partner, Dave Mann are called to their first case at the Harbor View Apartments, a building marked for demolition, where workers discover the skeletal remains of an infant entombed in one of the walls. The investigation into the infant’s murder opens the floodgates of questions. When the suspects in the Baby Doe case link back to Gillies, the evidence mounds as quickly as the bodies in the morgue, and the truth leads Harper to the person he least suspects.

Anyone interested in reading an excerpt of Silenced Cry will find it available on my site, Those wishing to buy a copy may link to Amazon from my site as well.

Silenced Cry is available from most online and traditional book stores world wide. $15.50 ISBN 978-1-905202-72-0.

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