Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010: Day 14 - The Aha! Moment

Yup, today I had one of those moments that made me stop dead in my tracks and say, whoa!

Let’s backtrack a bit, originally my PI, Rhonie Lude, in chapter 30, breaks into the business of a man who had recently been killed and who was tied to the individual she has been paid to follow. In the victim’s calendar, she finds someone's name she hadn’t expected to see. She had no idea those two were connected and so she begins to suspect the worse. It seemed like a good, plausible clue that could lead the reader to the killer. But, as I began to work on the plot change I mentioned yesterday, something really remarkable happened—the aha moment!

The scene I was working on today, (17) is when the police find a man dead of a bullet shot to the head.  Here the homicide detective calls Lude in the middle of the night and asks her to go to the scene of the crime. Lude can't understand why he'd want her involved in his homicide case, but when she arrives, she discovers the victim is someone she’d recently seen with the individual she was paid to follow. As she and the detective discuss the man’s death, he shows her something he took out of the man's wallet.

What is it? Sorry, can't say--but it has something to do with what I originally had written in chapter 30. Now the dective has two reasons to watch Rhonie Lude. How much more intriguing this has become now that he confronts Lude with the incriminating evidence. Of course, she knows exactly what’s going on, but she's not talking.

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