Friday, January 15, 2010

2010: Day 15 & Hanging In There

Today was a good day--making good progress on the edits.

The best surprise today came through a Google Alert that led me to my publisher's blog.  There I found out that BeWrite Books (UK) entered negotiations with Chengdu Righthol Media Co Ltd in Sichuan, China this week for translation rights to several BB titles for the massive Chinese reading market. To keep an eye on this development, visit their blog at

This may be the year of change after all. At least for this small UK press. Right before Christmas, BeWrite announced they had converted over 50 of its authors' published books (including my Sam Harper novels) into the appropriate e-books format and are now available on Smashbook.

Write Books Technical Director, Tony Szmuk in Canada, said: “We always considered ourselves ahead of the game, having made those PDF files available for computer screen reading since our launch ten years ago – but the sudden explosion in the popularity of ebook reading on the new portable reading devices, mobile phones, iPods and what have you over the past few weeks woke us up to the fact that we were in danger of becoming dinosaurs in the new age."

These are both big steps for this small independent press and frankly, it may just be the publisher to watch in 2010.  To read the full article about BeWrite and Smashbook go to:

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Terry W. Ervin II said...

Great news! My novel has had some decent success at Hope your Harper Mystery novels are transalted and released in China!